Hi you all!!!

Today, this ongoing post will be in English, dedicated to those who have wrote something in our blog, or simply to go beyond my border line.

In the recent past I wrote  something giving answer to the question if it is interesting to buy a second hand engine or not, and I said, more o less, that it is because of you spend an amount of money lower than any other operation, as a result.

Ok, that was a long time ago; nowadays I have one new tip to take in to consideration, here you go: when you buy a second-hand engine and exchange for the old unit (the one being originally or coming with the car from the begining) you receive or you keep the old one that includes many operative parts in good condition you can broadcast in some specialized pages, like MilAnuncios (here in Spain), so that you can get back an important part of the investment done. E.g., the turbo (a normal unit is around 200 €, more for a special one -as Mourinho, jajaja-). Think about the injection, the crankshaft, clutch, etc.

Is another point of view, for trying to do it cheaper, for trying to do it lighter in the pocket.

Greetings from Granada

P.E.: another good tip: never caress a burning dog

Y ahora en español: este post está inspirado en varias conversaciones con clientes en las que (ambas partes) concluimos que cambiar un motor por otro de segunda mano introduce una variante o posibilidad de recuperación de la inversión hecha inicialmente: utilizar un canal útil para publicitar el despiece (MilAnuncios, por ejemplo) que se nos queda y así conseguir un retorno nada desdeñable (200€ por un turbo, por ejemplo) que aligere el peso de la operación.